I am Diedra Cox, a young, new entrepreneur that many have known as a survivor. Although this identity is one that I have embraced for my entire life, I am now ready to take my potential and methods of survival and transform them into success and a life I love living. Via my new career in Real Estate, my new Internet Radio Show, and my pursuit to start my first business, U-LUX, I will be all that there is for me to be in life. I invite you to follow me as I expose my transformation from survival to possibility. By exposing my journey, I hope to inspire others to embark on a journey of their own that may leave them creating what they really want. I am a real estate entrepreneur with a dream!
Follow me as I expose my transformation from survival to possibility. REAL People, REAL Dreams, REAL Possibilities


Fresh Wind…With Each Milestone

It has begun. Life. All over again. You get started on something, and when you reach the end, it’s like life starts all over again. Doesn’t it seem like when you reach the achievement point of a goal you have been pushing for, there is a void there? I will actually choose a more positive word…like… clearing! There is a clearing. There is a sense of nothingness left after you get to the end of the race and accomplish that THING. For me getting my active real estate license was my thing. I started school over a year ago. Although I could have taken my exam after my 1st semester, I waited for no other reason than pure procrastination. Procrastination is something I will not miss in my new life of taking action. There is nothing positive about that word. At all….

After I finished school, there was taking my test, getting finger prints, finding a broker, signing with a broker, MLS, CSS, NAR, CCAR, and many other acronyms in between me and this thing. Now that it is all done, there is this clearing to create whatever I want with my new achievement. There are soooo many Realtors out there. Very small percentages actually work successfully in the market. Why is that? I believe the clearing is really scary and some just don’t know what to do with it. Think about it, how many things do you start; achieve a goal, and then stop? I can think of a few in my life.

I have been reading and this is my plan for my clearing……. Create whatever I want! Getting my license was not just a goal but a milestone. It is still only the beginning. To have a clearing at the beginning gives so much space for adventure, innovation, and progress. Instead of setting goals for the next year, I am going to set up milestones. Some call this way of thinking creating a road map. At each milestone there will be a clearing. I will now look at that space as fresh wind to swiftly move me back into action and on my road to my next milestone. That clearing will allow me an access point to check my road map and make sure it is still moving in the direction of my life’s purpose and create new things as needed.

My road map looks like this:

My Dream Created——-Focus and Action——-Milestone (celebrate, create, redirect) ———-Focus and Action——-Milestone (celebrate, create, redirect) ———Focus and Action————Achieve my Purpose in Life

Now, I am sure the pattern will go on and on before I get to the Achieve my Purpose point, as I don’t plan to ever really stop creating my life, however, for visualization purposes, it works!

Fresh Wind is a sweet thing. I plan to kick procrastination’s butt with this one!

Having control does not give access to success. The actions you take and choices you make is what causes the matter.

The Social Business: Social media is fueling big data


Here’s how much data we generate every minute:

  • Email users send more than 204 million messages;
  • Mobile Web receives 217 new users;
  • Google receives over 2 million search queries;
  • YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video;
  • Facebook users share 684,000 bits of content;

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I can reset my mood with prayer and family. Giving my troubles to God always lifts a weight that changes the atmosphere. Then, I surround myself with the people that love me the most. That cures a crampy attidude everytime!